Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

Product name: Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide
Color: Brown
Material: Al2O3

Description: Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide is a kind of high-grade refractory, which is made from the high quality alumina by melting above 2,000 in the electric arc furnace and cooling. Brown fused aluminum oxide is mainly used for grinding high carbon steel, high-speed steel and chilled steel. It can also be used as lapping and polishing medium, precision founding sand and coating materials, catalyst carrier, special ceramics and super refractory materials.

AL2O3 96,TiO2 2.6,SiO2 0.89,Fe2O3 0.11,CaO 0.25,MgO 0.15

Bulk density: 1.53-1.99g/cm3

Applications: fertilizers, industrial use, feed , fertilizer, abrasive

Shipping: within 3-7days

1. 25 pvc bags
2. 25kg pvc bags+1MT big bag
3.1MT big bag+pallet
4.1MT big bag
Packaging can be customized according to customer requirement

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