bismuth (Bi)

bismuth (Bi)

Product name: bismuth (Bi)

Color: silver gray
Boiling point: 1564 ℃
Technical standard :  GB/T 915-1995

Tin is a chemical element, its chemical symbol Sn (Latin Stannum abbreviation), its atomic number is 50. It is a main group metal. Pure tin with silver-gray metallic luster, it has good stretch properties, it is not easily oxidized in air, and its various anti-corrosion properties of alloy, it is often used as a coating of other metals. The main source of tin is that it's a kind of oxide minerals cassiterite (SnO2), abundant in Yunnan, China, Malaysia.

Application: This product is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical additives and low melting point alloy etc.

Shipping: 3-5 days after the order is placed

Packaging: 1. It being packed into wooden case per metric ton with wooden pallet for shipment.
2. As customers' request

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