Caesium hydroxide for sale


Caesium hydroxide (chemical formula: CsOH, formula: 149.916) white solid. Soluble in water, density 3.675g / mL. It is highly corrosive and should be used with care. It should be placed in a tight container and kept in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.

Chemical properties
Caesium hydroxide will not be decomposed if it is used and stored in accordance with the specifications.

Caesium hydroxide Can corrode glass. Similar to other alkali metal hydroxides, barium hydroxide is a strong base and is deliquescent. Commonly used in the laboratory is barium hydroxide monohydrate. Avoid contact with acidic materials.

Physical properties
Caesium hydroxide is hygroscopic and soluble in water. The saturated aqueous solution contains 70.63% of Cs2O at 30 °C, and is soluble in ethanol. Azide, chromate, iodide and the like can be processed from hydroxide.

Reaction characteristics
Stability: Stability should be avoided: stable at room temperature, but will absorb moisture and carbon dioxide when exposed to air.