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Rubidium iodide is a salt with a melting point of 642 °C. Its chemical formula is RbI.

Rubidium iodide can be formed from the reaction of rubidium and iodine: 2 Rb + I 2 → 2 RbI

CAS Number: 7790-29-6 
ChemSpider: 74226 
ECHA InfoCard:    100.029.271
PubChem CID: 3423208
RTECS number:    VL8925000
Chemical formula: IRb
Molar mass:    212.3723 g/mol
Appearance:    solid
Density:    3.110 g/cm 3
Melting point:    646.85 °C (1,196.33 °F; 920.00 K)
Boiling point:    1,304 °C (2,379 °F; 1,577 K)
Solubility in water: 152 g/100 mL
Magnetic susceptibility (χ): −72.2·10−6 cm3/mol

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