Silicon nitride(Si3N4)

Silicon nitride(Si3N4)

Product name: Silicon nitride(Si3N4)
Chemical formula: Si3N4
Definition: raw material
Appearance: white Powder 
Application: Thermal conductivity materials 
Density(g/cm3): 3.26
Expansion .coefficient(10-6K-1): 2.8
Electrical resistivity Ω.cm: 1013
Size: Produced according to customers’ request.

Silicon nitride(Si3N4)'s relative molecular mass is 140.28. Gray, white or off-white. It is a high temperature insoluble compound, has no melting point, and has high resistance to high temperature creep. The binder-free reaction sintered silicon nitride has a softening point of 1800 ° C or higher; hexagonal system. The crystal is a hexahedron. The density of Si3N4 prepared by the reaction sintering method is 1.8 to 2.7 g/cm3, and the density of Si3N4 is 3.12 to 3.22 g/cm3 by hot pressing. The Mohs hardness is 9~9.5, the Vickers hardness is about 2200, and the microhardness is 32630MPa. The temperature of 1900 ° C (under pressure). It usually decomposes at around 1900 °C under normal pressure. The specific heat capacity is 0.71 J/(g·K). The heat of formation was -751.57 kJ/mol. The thermal conductivity is (2-155) W / (m · K). The coefficient of linear expansion is 2.8~3.2×10-6/°C (20~1000°C). Insoluble in water. Soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

Silicon nitride is an important structural ceramic material. It is a superhard substance that is inherently lubricious and resistant to wear and is an atomic crystal; it is resistant to oxidation at high temperatures. Moreover, it can resist cold and hot shock, and is heated to above 1000 ° C in the air, and is rapidly cooled and then heated rapidly without breaking. It is precisely because of the excellent properties of silicon nitride ceramics that it is often used to manufacture mechanical components such as bearings, gas turbine blades, mechanical seal rings, and permanent molds. If a silicon nitride ceramic that is resistant to high temperatures and does not easily transfer heat is used to manufacture the heating surface of the engine component, not only the quality of the diesel engine can be improved, fuel is saved, but also thermal efficiency can be improved.

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