Sodium citrate

Sodium citrate

Product name: Sodium citrate

CAS: 68-04-2 

Molecular Formula:
Molecular weight: 258.07 
Appearance: white powder

Product Description:
In the food and beverage industry used as flavor agent and stabilizer; In the pharmaceutical industry used as drug blood, phlegm and diuretic; In the detergent industry, can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a non-toxic detergent additives; Drugs are also used in brewing, injection, photography and plating, etc. Is one of the basic agent of biological experiments.

1. In food processing: 

It is used as buffer,chelate agent,nutrient additive,emulslfier,flavor for yoghurt. and as preservative in syrup manufactured goods,buffer acidity in cold drink,prevent acid in dairy products,used as binder in  cheese and minced meat,acid coagulant in jellies and jam,emulsifier and stabilizer,in cheese and ice cream.
2. In Detergent:
It can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a kind of assistant. It can also be used in fermentation, injection,photography and metal plating.
3. In pharmaceutical:
it is used as Anticoagulant.

Shipping: Shipped with 7 days after payment

25kgs/drum, inner by double plastic bag, 1-20kg by aluminum foil vacuum bag.

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