Ferric chloride hexahydrate

Ferric chloride hexahydrate

Product Name: Ferric chloride hexahydrate

CAS: 10025-77-1 

Molecular Formula: FeCl3.6H2O
Molecular weight: 270.30
Appearance: Yellow brown crystal

Product Description: Ferric Chloride is inorganic macromolecular coagulant, which is made by polyaluminum chloride complexing with polymeric. Therefore, the molecular structure is enlarged; the capacity of neutralization and bridging adsorption is enhanced. It is an ideal chemical to treat heavily organic-polluted raw water as well as low-temperature and low-turbidity, low-temperature and high-turbidity water.

1. Ferric Chloride combines the coagulate advantages of aluminum salt and ferric salt; can lead to quick formation of close flocs and rapid precipitation.
2, Ferric Chloride has wide-range adaptability to the waters at different temperatures and a good solubility.
3, The dosage is smaller than that of other flocculants, which is better for improving the quality of treated water.
4, It is suitable for the automatic dosing.

Application: Mainly used as water treatment agent, printing plate making of etchant, antioxidants and mordant dye industry, organic synthesis catalyst and other iron salts, etc.

Shipping: Shipped in 15 days after payment

Packed in 25 kg craft paper bags / fiber drums with inner plastic bags.

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