Product Name: Cadmium
CAS number: 7440-43-9
Formula: Cd
Melting point: 321°C

Cadmium is a silvery white shiny metal with a melting point of 320.9 ° C, a boiling point of 765 ° C and a density of 8650 kg / m 3 ; Resilience and ductility. Cadmium slowly oxidizes in humid air and loses its metallic luster. When heated, the surface forms a brown oxide layer. If heated above the boiling point, cadmium oxide fumes will be produced. At high temperatures, cadmium reacts strongly with halogen to form cadmium halide. It can also be directly combined with sulfur to form cadmium sulfide. Cadmium is soluble in acid but insoluble in alkali. 

With high purity materials for semiconductor, used in preparation of high purity cadmium salt, used as lot reagents.

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